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Our Tasty Yet Healthy Meal Preps

Many of us don’t have the time to make great tasting healthy meals every single day and often turn to unhealthy takeaways, supermarket ready meals filled with preservatives or simply making meals that just aren’t good for you at all. 

For others it could be that you have the time to cook but just don’t know where to begin and the kitchen just isn’t for you. Finally there are some that have the time and know how to cook as well but at times just don’t feel like it and need an extra hand with your meals. 

If this is you we have you covered. Our healthy meal prep company isn’t your standard meal prep company and as you read more below you will find out why! We are here to help and have tailored programs and offering to suit your needs. 


What are Meal Preps ?

In simple terms, Meal Preps (Meal Preparations) is the process you go through in planning out your meals. Whether it be for the week or the month.

It is often associated with the Gym goers market for those who have a specific goal in mind such as losing weight, gaining weight and more but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Sometimes having healthy meal preps in your lifestyle can simply save you a lot of time. Taking away the frustrating question of “what am I going to have for dinner today?” It means that as soon as you wake up you know that you don’t have to spend hours preparing your lunch or dinner as it is already done for you!


Our Healthy Meal Prep Offering

We provide a weeks’ worth of healthy, international meals ready made, delivered straight to your door!

Our specialty when it comes to meal preps is our global cuisine; creating over 50 exciting and authentic dishes from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe ! So there is definitely something for everyone! 

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How does our Healthy Meal Prep Service work?

Our process is simple. Head over to our order now page. scroll through our different categories from African and Caribbean Food to European and Asian Food as and add up to £50′ worth of dishes, and snacks to your cart. 

As we make all our meals to order (meaning nothing is ‘off the shelf’) we will need at least 3 days from your order date to freshly prepare your dishes.

Checkout using your bank card or paypal. We will then send an order confirmation and ensure your meals arrives to you chilled. 

For more information on this check out our FAQ’ page.

Our Healthy Meal Prep Subscription Plans

Love what we have to offer? Do you want to have the hassle of ever worrying about your meals taken away?

Join our subscription package and get exclusive offers, perks including discounts with our fitness partners, recipe books and much more.

We have a Subscription package that suits everyone. Whether it be simply creating 10 meals per week, 3 meals a day seven days a week or 10 meals a week every fortnight we have you covered.

Ever wanted your own Personal Chef? Well now you can. Our unique personal chef experience package are for those who really have a specific goal in mind. Whether it be you are an athlete in need of a specific nutrional diet plan, or someone with goal that they are determined to achieve. We will act as your personal chefs, working hand in hand with our nutritionists to put together a taiored plan for you. From the amount of protein to the amount of meals you will be having that day everything will be suited to your needs!


Sustainability Throughout

As shown in our sustainability section in our Core Values we are a company that not only provides healthy meal preps and Caters for all sorts of events but also a company that really cares about the environment.

We are proud of the following regarding sustainability:

  1. 100% Biodegradable – Our bases are made from Bagasse (Recycled Sugarcane) which makes both the lid and base fully compostable
  2. No Plastic – Whilst our lids appear to be plastic, they are actually made from PLA ( A renewable material made 100% from plants). On top of this, our sealing film is made from sugarcane!
  3. Low Carbon Footprint – Our Packaging generates 99% Less Carbon than Polystyrene!

Why Meal Planning is Important

Saves Time

With your body needing a balanced diet, meal planning allows you to look forward and decide ahead of time what you will be consuming.

As such, meal planning will allow you to save time as well as not give into the temptations junk food has to offer as you would have planned in your meals for the week as well as the snacks you would be looking to have. 

Reduced Stress

We all tend to lead very busy lives and often the thought after having cooked your first meal of having to then cook another meal soon after can often be very stressful. Meal Planning takes that stress away. 

Adds a bit of Spice to your life!

What we mean by this is that it adds a bit of variety into your lifesyle. Variety provides  the nutritional value your body requires, not to mention a much tastier experience too. A varied diet utilising healthy meal preps also adds a level of clarity around the other foods you could incorporate into your lifestyle.

Affordable Global Cuisine

Having spoken with our customers and gotten to really understand them we recognise that not everyone can afford to spend £8 or £9 per meal and as such we have priced our main healthy meal preps at up to £5.50 per meal.

We did not want to stop there which is why we introduced our Savers Meal Prep range. Same quality meals just a smaller portion for just £3.75!

Our Experienced Meal Prep Team

With over 18 years experience, our Head Chef has won awards such as caterer of the year and had experience catering for major celebrities such as Chris Eubank, Colin Firth, Michael Dapaah and much.

With 18+ years catering for events like wedding, Corporate Events, Parties and more they definitely have the experience to meet your needs!