About Us

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How We Got Started

The idea came about when our founder was at University. He noticed that amongst other issues, students either did not know how to cook or did not have the time to cook. Witnessing students having meals like beans on toast and numerous takeaways made him realise something had to be done.

Leveraging the 15 year old family catering companies (Eagle Catering) expertise and experience we decided to launch a new catering company tailored specifically for you!   

Specialising in a truly global menu, we seek to help you get back your time through providing you with services like meal preps and corporate events, so that you can do the things you love most.   

Our Mission

Here at Chefiesta we aim to provide unique, fusion food to an extremely high quality at an affordable price to professionals, families and students within the UK. 

Our goal is to provide your favourite meals in a much healthier way and in doing so giving you back the time so that you can do the things you love! 

We take Sustainability extremely seriously here at Chefiesta and this is reflected through our goal of becoming a plastic free meal prep and catering company. From our sugar cane based packaging to our plant based meal prep lids, it can be said that we are well on our way to meeting our sustainability targets.

When it comes to our meal preps we understand that it is vital to have some variety in your diet. As such, not only do we offer over 50 meals, we also add new meals to the site every quarter. 

We all remember “mums cooking”, that nostalgic feeling when your favourite dish touched your tongue. We want to bring that feeling back. Think of us as your personal chefs!

Delivery Locations

Some of our services are Nationwide whilst others are regional – Please check the list below to see where we deliver to with our various services.

Chefiesta - Nationwide


We cover the mainland UK with this service, England, Scotland & Wales.

Services that we deliver nationwide to are: 

  • Our Healthy Meal Preps
  • Corporate Buffets/Events
  • Private Dining 
Chefiesta Area A

Area A

North London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire

Services that we deliver nationwide to are: 

  • Lunchtime Deliveries
Chefiesta Area B

Area B

London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire

Services that we deliver nationwide to are: 

  • Lunchtime Deliveries

UK's Most Diverse Meal Prep & Catering Company

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